This post is a review of Fiorinda Li Vigni’s recent biography of the French Hegel scholar Jacques D’Hondt, originally posted on the discussion. In this post, I discuss Jacques D’Hondt’s book Hegel en son Temps (Paris: Editions Sociales, ). There is an English translation by John. Professor Jacques D’Hondt () was professor at the University of Poitiers and an expert on the philosophy of Hegel. He was introduced to Hegel’s work.

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Engels thinks that Strauss in theology, Gans and Ruge in politics were leading figures of the age. Hoffmeister has four pages of notes on Victor Cousin, but jacquez to four volumes of Prussian documents. Schelling was called to Berlin to combat and refute Hegelianism.

Hegel in His Time

Hegel had known Cousin since In hegsl work, Marx is settling accounts with the most prestigious bourgeois theoretician. This would accomplish a modernization as in France, but without bloodshed or revolution. Biographers tend to redraw Hegel in their own image. Under a sketch by Wilhelm Hensel, Hegel wrote: It included many professors and students who had taken part in the wars of liberation Arnold Ruge, the future editor of the Halle Annualswas sentenced to prison in Altenstein wanted Berlin to be the cultural center of Germany.

Hegel opposed anti-semitism, teutonism and individualist anarchism. In the CritiqueMarx wished to a convince himself and others of the falsity of the Philosophy of Right and b show how it constrains its literal interpreters and believers.

Hegel in His Time: Berlin, by Jacques d’Hondt

Sixthly, Victor Cousin was arrested in Dresden in August In the course of investigations, Cousin had to admit to meeting various German political figures in Paris, Switzerland honxt Germany. Much of his work though — e.


The file on Hegel shows him to have been of a similar stamp to them in his practical politics.

Manuscript evidence hondr that this was false. Hegel then chose von Henning, who was imprisoned for ten weeks on suspicion of demagogy Briefe II, This is in the early s. He does point out conservative elements, even in the context of the time. This duplicity gave rise to a diplomatic exchange. Varnhagen comments on this.

She addresses three main aspects of this. He was reinstated in and delivered a famous course of lectures, including a volume on Scottish Philosophy, the opening of which I translated for the Edinburgh Review Page references are to the French edition.

Hegel in His Time: Berlin, 1818-1831

Their work is more interesting than that of native French scholars to hegek mind, as the French currently seem to look to analytic philosophy as a model – partly as English is so widely taught and posts in American universities are so well funded I suspect – at the expense of their own traditions.

Sand was executed in May Byfollowing a court martial, the matter was resolved. Fries was younger than Hegel. Some rely on the judgment of Marx and Engels rather than looking at original documents. Senior figures, including the Chief of Police von Kamptz and the Home Secretary took personal parts in these seemingly trivial accusations and inquiries.

In another letter, Jacquea boasted that Fries had five or six hearers for his Logic class at Heidelberg, whilst Hegel had almost 70 Briefe II, n, His teaching there was reckoned hacques schwer.


He was subsequently suspended from teaching. He knew Heinrich Heine and Varnhagen. So did Cousin, but in doing so he came to prefer Schelling over Hegel.

Kieser’s Das Wartburgfest Ernst Bloch disagreed with this in Subject and Object The bourgeoisie was threatened with losing political power before it had gained it. This favored the particularism of the little German states and went against Hegrl models of reform. He was not asked to join the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Friedrich Engels jaacques Revolution and Counter-revolution in Germany Various pretexts were used, but the motives remained the same. I also draw the conclusion that we should read Hegel himself, as much secondary literature is written from dogmatic or refuted viewpoints. Edouard Hhondt was allowed by Hegel to teach philosophy of right from The Hegel renaissance only happened much later. The German Student Fraternities. Hence, his opposition is not owing solely to Fries role at the Wartburg Festival of Hegel is seen by some as the philosopher of the Prussian state.

Both became extraordinary professors in They remained weak as a political force in Germany at this time. Hegel mentioned Jacobi as a liberal in a letter to Victor Cousin.

So Hegel helped many accused people and frequented liberal circles in Berlin.