La estenosis subglótica (SGS) señala el estrechamiento de la vía aérea entre la glotis (ej. cuerdas vocales) y el cartílago cricoides. La estenosis laringotraqueal. Stefanny Manrique Rodríguez Estenosis subglótica congénita Tratamiento * Casos leves: Terapia de soporte para el manejo de los cuadros de.

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The remaining were due to prolonged intubation.

Most of the times this stenosis is secondary to pro-longed tracheal intubation. J Pediatr Surg, 9pp. Laryngotracheal stenosis; Chondritis is subylotica result of cartilaginous damage resulting in malacia the initial evaluation and during follow up to assess response to therapy9. In addition, the presence of complete circumferential strictures with mature scar, typically require more interventions when compared to eccentric strictures i.

However, patients with SGS can also develop dysphagia and dysphonia. Radiation bronchitis and stenosis secondary to high dose rate endobronchial irradiation. An autopsy study of 99 cases.

Evaluation and Classifications of Laryngotracheal Stenosis

Serios problemas al tragar i. Murgu S, Colt HG. These parameters comprise the Myer-Cotton classification system Table 2which was shown to predict estenosiw outcomes and has been applied by otolaryngologists for several decades Varying tracheal cross-sectional area during respiration in infants and children with suspected upper airway obstruction by computed cinetomography scanning.

Estenosiis intensive care, pp. The authors declared that there are no conflicts of interest. Two subsites involved Stage 3: En estenosis leves ej. The location of stenosis also affects management decisions and outcomes and thus this criterion must be included in the classification systems of LTS. Mayo Clinic Proceedings ; Patients suffering from Subglogica, however, have other symptoms and thus a more global assessment of functional impairment may be warranted Table 3.


No airway prosthesis 2.

Evaluation and Classifications of Laryngotracheal Stenosis

Ann Thorac Surg, 17pp. Otros sistemas se han descripto tal como se resumen en la Tabla 2. The objective of this article is to clarify the relevant parameters that need to be considered in the evaluation of patients with LTS.

Disease occurring in the distal trachea, or with involvement of the proximal bronchi, is challenging to resect and often requires anastomosis of the proximal aspect of the trachea with the main bronchi creating a neocarina The use of the carbon dioxide laser in the pediatric airway.

Algunos problemas con la voz 3. Springer New York; Arch Otolaryngol, 82pp. Three subsites involved Nouraei Airway status A 1.

Most of the times this stenosis is secondary to pro-longed tracheal intubation. Other systems shave been described as summarized in Table 2. Primary reconstruction of airway after resection of subglottic laryngeal and upper tracheal stenosis. Intraluminal airway prosthesis stent 3. Sin voz Nouraei Freitag Tipo: Bronchoscopic assessment of the evolution of endobronchial tuberculosis. The technique of intraluminal stenting and steroid administration in the treatment of tracheal stenosis in children.

Endoscopic resection of obstructing airways lessions in children. Subglptica subset of complex stenosis which has a specific morphology is pseudoglottic or A-shaped stenosis, caused by cartilaginous fracture following tracheostomy Figure. Based on the available published evidence, these parameters have been modified to make them relevant for the assessment of LTS. La falta de uniformidad en factores cuantitativos y cualitativos de esta enfermedad Laryngotracheal stenosis TABLA 1.


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This same mechanism can also result in PTTS, however, tracheal ring fracture associated with tracheostomy placement can cause destruction of cartilaginous support resulting in complex stenosis. La Radiologia medica ; J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 81pp.

Normal diet but with some difficulty swallowing 3. Benign tracheal and laryngotracheal stenosis: Otolaryngologists estenosjs generally used the McCaffrey system for assessing extent and location of an airway stenosis Figure. Histopathology of endotracheal intubation.


Otolaryngologists, thoracic surgeons and interventional bronchoscopists have all treated LTS. Vertical length can be measured on radiographic imaging but bronchoscopists often measure it endoscopically Dificultades significativas al tragar 4. Complication of benign tracheobronchial strictures by self-expanding metal stents.

Clinical manifestation of mediastinal fibrosis and histoplasmosis. Pediatrics, 50pp.